Medherant has an experienced team of scientists with excellent knowledge of polymer adhesives, transdermal delivery formulation and analytical methodolgies. The team delivers innovative transdermal delivery solutions for existing drugs.

Our R&D capabilities include

Rapid evaluation of the compatibility of a drug with our TEPI Patch® technology

We quickly produce a range of formulations and run a series of tests to provide data for an early go/no-go decision on whether the drug can be delivered transdermally in a TEPI Patch.


Using our knowledge of the skin and transdermal delivery we formulate TEPI Patches using a large library of pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, including those used to enhance permeation of the drug through the skin.

Excipient selection

We investigate a wide range of approved excipients alone and in combinations, some of which may be complex, in order to acheive the taget permation profile through human skin ex vivo.

Patch prototyping and manufacture

We carry out experiments at different scales to create TEPI Patch formulations and develop the manufacturing process for each formulation using our in-house pilot plant.

Analytical expertise

We use HPLC and other quantitative analyses to measure drug uniformity, release, permeation and drug degradation at the temperatures required for patch manufacture.

In vitro diffusion assay 

We can rapidly measure the flux of drugs from prototype patches using either Strat-M (a skin mimic) or human skin. We are able to run large studies to find the best formulation within just a few months.

Product testing

Our analytical team use industry standard techniques to develop product-specific tests. We analyse the results to confirm that the patch meets the target product profile.

Development of new adhesives

Our TEPI technology is based on a novel adhesive platform which our scientists have developed. We can provide a range of different adhesives to provide the best option for each patch product.