Medherant’s TEPI Patch® is a new transdermal drug delivery system based on a novel adhesive which confers superior properties on the products. The TEPI Patch is thin, flexible, comfortable and moisture-resistant, does not leave a residue on the skin when it is removed, and has very good adhesion.
TEPI Patch

Transdermal patches offer an alternative route of administration for drugs that are not ideally suited to oral administration, for reasons such as first pass metabolism, gastrointestinal toxicity or low bioavailability, and better dose control and less frequent dosing than gels or creams.

The TEPI Patch technology supports the development of a new generation of transdermal drug delivery patches.

Other benefits include:

  • Thin, flexible, comfortable and moisture-resistant with good adhesion
  • No dark residue around the patch ('cold flow') or on the skin after removal
  • Better patient compliance due to simple, convenient application and painless removal
  • A wide range of drugs can be formulated as a TEPI Patch, offering a new opportunity for product line extensions
  • Can potentially improve the pharmacokinetics and safety profile of a drug 
  • Permeation enhancers and other excipients can be included in the formulation to tailor the rate of drug release

Our lead product is testosterone TEPI Patch for women, which will enter clincial studies during 2023.