Our TEPI technology comprises a novel adhesive into which the drug to be delivered is mixed.  The adhesive has been developed by Medherant and was well-tolerated in a Phase I clinical trial. The adhesive has properties that enable us to produce thin, flexible and attractive patches that stick well but are easy to remove.

Key benefits of our technology

Scientists looking at sample

High payload

Up to 50wt% achieved for drug and excipients

  • Enables transdermal delivery of lower potency drugs
  • Extended release (up to 7 days) formulations can be developed
  • Smaller and more discrete patch can be produced
Patch adhesion test

Better adhesion

Sticks even when wet

  • Full dose delivered as entire patch remains in contact with the skin
  • No cold-flow of adhesive around the edges of the patch
  • Easy and painless to remove like a sticking plaster
Scientific equipment

Other Benefits

Flexibility to optimise delivery

  • Efficient release of drug
  • Less residual drug in the patch on removal
  • Rates of flux can be customised to achieve desired product profile
  • Solvent-free manufacturing process