Medherant offers rapid evaluation of the suitability of drugs for formulation with its TEPI Patch® technology by determining their compatibility with its adhesives, formulating prototype patches and then testing them against a predetermined target release profile.

We’rMedherant's formulation team are able to create a short-list of candidate formulations in just 3 months and then go on to complete proof-of-concept studies with formulations that meet your target product profile using our in-house formulation & small-scale non-GMP manufacturing capability.

Phase 1: Drug compatibility

  • Solubility in adhesive
  • Analytical methods
  • Curing optimisation

Phase 2: Patch formulation & prototyping

  • API extraction
  • API release
  • API permeation through human skin
  • Adhesion testing

Optional extra work

  • Patch stability testing
  • Extended release & permeation study
  • Additional adhesion testing
  • Manufacture for non-clinical studies
  • Process development