Medherant is a clinical-stage company developing innovative treatments using its novel transdermal drug delivery technology, the TEPI Patch®. The company's lead project is a testosterone patch for women. There is considerable interest in the transdermal delivery of drugs to overcome some of the disadvantages of oral administration, such as spikes in drug levels that can lead to side effects, and poor compliance. Patches are also a more convenient way to deliver drugs through the skin than gels and creams and provide better dose control.

TEPI patch technology

The Company was founded by Professor David Haddleton and the University of Warwick using their world-leading expertise in bioadhesives and polymer chemistry.

Medherant has developed its own novel pressure sensitive adhesive. The drug to be delivered is mixed with the adhesive.  This proprietary delivery system was well-tolerated in a Phase I clinical study.

In addition to developing its own transdermal and topical products, Medherant is collaborating with third parties to formulate their drugs for transdermal delivery using its TEPI technology. In the future, Medherant expects to receive milestone payments and/or licence revenues for products utilising its technology.

Medherant has secured funding from Mercia Fund Management and private investors.