Medherant Shortlisted for ON Helix BioNewsRound 2016 Award

Medherant were recently shortlisted for the ON Helix BioNewsRound 2016 Award; an award which recognises the biotech related press releases which have had the most impact over the previous year.  Medherant were selected for their press release in December 2015 made in conjunction with the University of Warwick which announced the development of Medherant's ibuprofen patch.

Andrew Lee, our Operations Director, attended the prize-giving event on 27th June at the Hinxton Genome Campus, Cambridge to give a short 4-minute pitch highlighting the global coverage we received as a consequence of the press release, as well as its subsequent impact.  His presentation was warmly received but the prize went to Avita Medical for their development of a novel and truly life-changing method to improve the efficiency of skin grafts.

Although Medherant is of course disappointed not to have won, we’re pleased that the significance of Medherant’s ibuprofen patch was recognised nonetheless, and that the eventual winning company is one doing such important work.