Medherant secures further funding for development of testosterone patch for post-menopausal women

3 April 2023. Medherant (Coventry, UK) announces that it has raised £2.9m of new funding from investors in a financing round led by Mercia Asset Management. Medherant will principally use the funding to progress development of a testosterone transdermal patch for post-menopausal women into clinical development.

Since 2015, Menopause Guidelines issued by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend that testosterone supplementation be considered for menopausal women with low sexual desire if hormone replacement therapy alone is not effective. However, there are no currently approved testosterone products in UK, Europe or USA for women. Medherant intends to address this gap in menopause products being available for women.

John Burt, CEO, said, “Having the funding in place for the first clinical trial of our testosterone patch for post-menopausal women will enable Medherant to take a major step towards registration of the product and being able to address this significant gap in the options available for women in this very important stage of their lives.”

About Medherant

Medherant Limited operates from the University of Warwick Science Park and has developed a novel, proprietary approach for development of patches to deliver medicines across the skin. The company was founded by University of Warwick’s Professor of Polymer Chemistry, Professor David Haddleton.

Medherant’s transdermal patch technology can create patches that are less irritant to patients, can provide higher drug doses and avoid leaving adhesive residue on patients’ skin.

In addition to developing its own products, Medherant collaborates with pharmaceutical companies in developing transdermal patch products for already approved drugs.

Clinical trial volunteers

We are not currently recruiting for studies for the testosterone patch. However, if you are interested in participating in future planned trials, please contact