Cycle Pharmaceuticals and Medherant Partner to Develop Medicines using the TEPI Patch® Technology

Unique transdermal delivery technology and medicines for rare diseases combine to deliver significant quality-of-life benefits for patients

Cambridge & Coventry, UK – 5 May 2020 – Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Cycle) and Medherant Ltd (Medherant) are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement to develop and commercialize multiple products using the TEPI Patch® technology.

Cycle will utilise Medherant’s proprietary TEPI Patch® transdermal delivery technology to develop formulations that will address patients’ unmet needs such as dysphagia and dyskinesia, further expanding its pipeline.

Some of the benefits of the TEPI Patch® technology include less frequent drug administration, a possibility of reduced side effects through reducing peaks in drug concentrations, avoidance of gastrointestinal side effects and improved patient compliance.

Work will commence immediately on the first two product development projects, which will be reformulations of products used to treat rare neurological disorders, an area where improvements in ease of use are vital for compliance and quality of life. The agreement enables Cycle and Medherant to pursue further multiple products. Following TEPI Patch® formulation development by Medherant, Cycle will be responsible for clinical development and registration, and will commercialise the products arising from this collaboration.

Commenting on the agreement, Antonio Benedetti, CEO of Cycle said, “Cycle’s core mission is to improve rare disease medicines to make them more effective, easier to take and to improve the quality of life of patients. This key agreement is aligned with Cycle’s global alliances strategy which underpins our expanding rare disease product pipeline. We are proud to be partnering with Medherant.”

John Burt, Medherant’s CEO added “This collaboration with Cycle demonstrates the potential of the TEPI Patch® technology to create differentiated products to address the needs of patients with rare diseases. We are looking forward to working with the excellent team at Cycle to progress these products into development.” 

TEPI Patch® is a registered trademark of Medherant Limited

About Cycle Pharmaceuticals

Cycle is a pioneering commercial-stage pharmaceutical company focused on rare diseases. Cycle works with healthcare practitioners and rare disease patient groups to identify life-long quality-of-life benefits possible for patients through improvements to their medicines. Cycle then delivers these patient benefits through cutting-edge, patent-protected pharmaceutical technologies.. Cycle is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and has offices in Boston, Mass. (USA).

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About Medherant

Medherant Ltd is a developer of innovative transdermal drug delivery treatments. The Company was founded by Professor David Haddleton and the University of Warwick in 2015.

Medherant has built upon its founders’ world-leading expertise in bio-adhesives and polymer chemistry to create its unique patent protected TEPI Patch® drug delivery technology. TEPI Patch overcomes many of the limitations of patches currently on the market.

In 2019 Medherant was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the Midlands by Mills & Reeves’ “Innovation 50” campaign.

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