Breaking Through - Medherant's Professor David Haddleton and Dr Vasiliki Nikolaou discuss transdermal drug delivery systems in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology

There are many problems linked to oral drug administration including first pass metabolism, gastrointestinal tract damage and low levels of drug reaching the target site. Trying to overcome these is an important area of research across the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors and many different methods are currently under development. Whilst creams and gels are the most common, they come with their own down-sides; they are easily rubbed off and it is difficult to control dosage so one possible solution is the use of transdermal drug delivery patches. Professor David Haddleton and Dr Vasiliki Nikolaou, both part of the Medherant team, discuss the problems associated with drug delivery and the possible benefits of transdermal drug delivery in a recent article for Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology. To read the article in full click here.