Medherant is developing a first-in-class transdermal drug delivery patch for prescription and OTC medicines.

TEPI PatchMedherant was founded by Professor David Haddleton and the University of Warwick to develop and commercialise novel transdermal drug delivery platforms. Current patch technologies have limited drug loading capabilities, making them unviable for use with many pharmaceutical products that could benefit from transdermal delivery. Creams and gels on the other hand suffer from a lack of dose control that is critical for many drugs.

Since March 2015, Medherant has been using its world-leading expertise in bioadhesives and polymer chemistry to create a new adhesive transdermal patch to expand and advance the library of drugs that can be delivered using patches. TEPI Patch – our new patch technology – aims to improve upon existing patches by significantly increasing drug loading capability, efficacy and the patient user experience. It delivers a steady, controllable dose of the chosen drug as well as providing environmental and economic benefits (no solvents are involved inthe manufacture, unlike current patch technologies).

Medherant's first application for TEPI Patch under commercial development is for ibuprofen. The current ibuprofen market is worth over *$4bn, but ibuprofen patches are so far an untapped market. More widely, the global transdermal drug delivery market is worth **$31.5bn, but is severely limited by current delivery technologies.

Medherant is seeking partners for the co-development of several applications at early stage including co-development ibuprofen, methyl salicylate and lidocaine patches.

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