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11th September 2018
Medherant has been shortlisted for the CPhI Pharma Awards in both the Formulation and Drug Delivery Devices categories for its TEPI Patch® technology.
6th June 2018
Transdermal drug delivery systems have been used in different forms since ancient times.
14th February 2018
There are many problems linked to oral drug administration including first pass metabolism, gastrointestinal tract damage and low levels of drug reaching the target site.
18th December 2017
The Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Springer, has published the research paper 'Transdermal Delivery of Ibuprofen Utilizing a Novel Solvent-Free Pressure-sensitive Adhesive (PSA): TEPI® Technology', a
28th July 2017
Medherant is looking for an experienced CPM to manage its international clinical studies and support the Head of Clinical Development in establishing and maintaining a GCP management system.
8th July 2016
Medherant were recently shortlisted for the ON Helix BioNewsRound 2016 Award; an award which recognises the biotech related press releases which have had the most impact over the previous year.
22nd February 2016
Researchers at the University of Warwick have worked with Coventry-based Medherant, a Warwick spinout company, to produce and patent the World’s first ever ibuprofen patch deli
22nd February 2016
Ibuprofen Patch Heralds Side Effect Free Drug Future
1st February 2016
As universities have become better at organising their theoretical research into commercial propositions, intermediaries have appeared on the scene to nurture their research until it is ready to be commercialised.
2nd November 2015
We had over 30 very encouraging partnering meetings with companies who could be potential investors or development partners