LSX World Congress

Strategy, Investment and Partnering for Life Science Executive Leaders
5th February to 7th February 2019
London, UK
LSX World Congress

The 5th annual LSX World Congress is the new name for the Biotech and Money / Medtech and Money World Congress.

The LSX World Congress is a high-calibre, senior executive, two-day conference and partnering event providing the education, strategies, solutions and contacts that life science executives need to enable more effective investment, planning and strategic growth within their businesses. With a focus on quality peer-to-peer discussion, high-level networking and partnering and unique formats, the LSX World Congress brings together the people that matter to the future of healthcare. In February 2019, the LSX World Congress brings together Biotech, Medtech, Healthtech and Deeptech all under one roof.

Both Nigel Davis and Sally Waterman will be attending the event.