Medherant sees considerable opportunities in working with pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative products using its next-generation transdermal drug delivery platform, TEPI Patch.
Scientists Custom TEPI Patch

Our first products using TEPI Patch technology will be over-the-counter pain relief patches incorporating analgesics such as ibuprofen, methyl salicylate and lidocaine.

The TEPI Patch technology can be used for many other therapeutic areas and provides an excellent platform for the development of a wide range of drug delivery products. This excludes biologics, but includes drugs such as nicotine that are already delivered through a patch, in addition to others where patch delivery was not previously viable.

Effect of various excipients on drug delivery with Tepi Patch

Effect of various excipients on drug delivery with Tepi Patch

Medherant has worked with around 30 candidate drugs to date and, of these, 75-80% are fully soluble. All of those that dissolve are then released again and cross membranes in permeation studies and we can vary their rate of permeation by either changing their concentration or adding excipients to alter how they leave the adhesive and cross the skin. Other drugs that yield dispersions rather than fully dissolving can also still be delivered.

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