Medherant's TEPI Patch technology provides an excellent platform for the development of a wide range of drug delivery products, including for drugs where patch delivery was previously not viable.
Scientists and TEPI Patch

TEPI Patch is a first-in-class drug delivery patch that offers a variety of advantages over currently used transdermal patches, namely:

  • High drug loading possible
  • More drug released
  • Long lasting drug delivery

Other benefits include:

  • Short development cycle through to proof of concept
  • No solvents in the adhesive
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • Good adhesion and clean removal
  • Choice of backing, clear, thin and flexible – attractive and easy to wear
  • Simple, low-cost manufacture
  • Creates a USP for customers’ patches
  • Underpinned by world-leading expertise

The patch utilises adhesive technology developed by the global adhesive company Bostik and exclusively licensed for transdermal use to Medherant. This enhances the tackiness of the patch, enabling it to adhere well to skin even with high loading of drugs.

The TEPI Patch technology enables the production of patches containing effective doses of active ingredients, such as ibuprofen, with enhanced long-term drug delivery to the site at which they are required.

High drug load and a consistent drug release profile means that TEPI Patch out-performs other patches and gels in its ability to deliver a consistent and significant dose of drug over a prolonged time, offering significant new opportunities for the development of a wide range of drug delivery products.

Unlike other patch adhesives, there are no organic solvents in the TEPI Patch polymer matrix, so there is no need for a costly solvent removal step during manufacture. Curing is done with water. Drugs dissolve directly in the pre-cured adhesive; once cross-linked it acts as a solid- phase solvent. These characteristics make for an environmentally friendly production process.