What is Medherant?

Medherant is a bioadhesives company founded by Professor David Haddleton and the University of Warwick to develop and commercialise novel transdermal drug delivery platforms.

What does Medherant do?

Since March 2015, Medherant has been using its world-leading expertise in bioadhesives and polymer chemistry to create a new adhesive transdermal patch system to expand and advance the library of drugs that can be delivered using patches.

What is TEPI Patch?

TEPI Patch is Medherant's new drug delivery patch that utilises polymer technology developed by the global adhesive company Bostik and exclusively licensed for transdermal use to Medherant.

What makes TEPI Patch different from other patches?

TEPI Patch offers a variety of advantages over currently used transdermal patches, including: wide range of chemical compatibility; high loading of high and low-potency drugs; superior adhesion and clean removal; attractive and user friendly design; and simple, low-cost manufacture.

Where can I buy an Ibuprofen TEPI Patch?

The Ibuprofen TEPI Patch has to be tested in patients in clinical trials and then the results assessed by regulatory agencies to determine whether it can be sold. (This is the case for all medicinal products.) The patch is expected to become available in 2020.