Transdermal drug patches allow the non-invasive delivery of medications through the skin surface and are being used increasingly for pharmaceutical products such as those to treat pain and Alzheimer's disease and for smoking cessation and hormone therapy.
TEPI Patch Wrist

Drug delivery patches have a variety of advantages compared with the oral route, hypodermic injections and creams, including:

  • Delivery of medication directly to the site at which it is required
  • Controlled absorption and more uniform plasma drug concentrations
  • Improved bioavailability by avoiding first-pass liver metabolism
  • Drug release over long periods of time
  • Increased flexibility in terminating drug administration by patch removal
  • Better patient compliance due to simple, convenient and painless application.

While the global transdermal drug delivery market is worth *$31.5bn, it is restricted by current patch technologies, which have limited drug loading capabilities and compatibility with a narrow range of chemical types, making them unviable for use with many pharmaceutical products that could benefit from this system. TEPI Patch – Medherant's new patch technology – aims to improve upon existing patches by significantly increasing drug loading capability, efficacy and the patient user experience.

* Transdermal Medicine Review and Outlook, PharmaLive Special Report, Sept 2011