Medherant has signed an exclusive worldwide license with Bostik, one of the world’s leading providers of adhesives, to use their novel adhesive in its TEPI Patch® drug delivery system.

Medherant is developing TEPI Patch® products using established drugs which it intends to license for commercialisation. The first two products are an ibuprofen TEPI Patch® and a lidocaine TEPI Patch®. Medherant is interested in discussing the development and/or licensing of these products with potential licensees.

Medherant is working with AdhexPharma (formerly Laboratoires Plasto Santé), a pharmaceutical company which specializes in transdermal delivery systems, to manufacture TEPI Patch® products for clinical studies and commercial supply.

The TEPI Patch® provides an alternative route of administration for established drugs as part of their life-cycle management.  Local or transdermal delivery of drugs can potentially improve the pharmacokinetic and safety profiles of the drug and help patient compliance. Formulating an established drug as a TEPI Patch® also provides the opportunity to extend its patent life.

The TEPI Patch® can also provide a way to administer new drugs that are not ideally suited to oral administration, for example, due to first pass metabolism, gastrointestinal toxicity or low bioavailability.

Medherant can undertake a feasibility study to evaluate the compatibility of a drug with its TEPI Patch® technology prior to potential licensing discussions.  The scope of the study is agreed at the outset and can include management of in vivo studies for companies interested in testing their drug in a TEPI Patch® formulation.

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