Medherant has signed an exclusive global license with global adhesive specialist Bostik for their novel adhesive to be used with Medherant's transdermal drug delivery patches.

Medherant is currently seeking partners with which to co-develop its ibuprofen, methyl salicylate and lidocaine patches.

Our TEPI patch technology may also be suitable for the life-cycle management of existing products by providing a new route of delivery with patent protection. For instance, when a product is approaching the end of its cycle, switching to patch delivery could prolong its life.

Medherant also offers low-cost feasibility studies for NCEs that could benefit from transdermal delivery due to GI toxicity or first-pass metabolism associated with other delivery methods.

It is also important to note that the adhesive does not requre any solvent; drugs and excipients dissolve directly in the polymer matrix prior to curing with water. This makes for cheaper, environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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